Opening Plenary: People and Planet First: The New Populist Movement

Blue Room April 18, 2015 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

This session begins the gathering of the New Populist Movement, which will lead People and Planet First campaigns in cities and states across the United States. Featured speakers and grassroots leaders from across the country will discuss the bottom-up people’s movement we are building to fight for bold, future-facing policies to reverse the current crises and lay a foundation for future generations to thrive.


George Goehl, Executive Director, National People’s Action
LeeAnn Hall, Executive Director, Alliance for a Just Society
Fred Azcarate, Executive Director, USAction
Robert Borosage Co-Director, Campaign for America’s Future
Bobby Tolbert, VOCAL-NY and Vice President, NPA
Janice “Jay” Johnson, Treasurer, Virginia Organizing/AJS
Angelica Rivera, Education Chair, Citizen Action NY/USAction,
Rev. Dr. Eugene Barnes, President, NPA
Brianna Tong, IIRON Student Network/NPA
Jim Hightower, Syndicated Columnist